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Hi There!

I am Marlana (she/they) and I am the Owner and Operator of The Glaeser Group. I want to utilize these moments you’ve taken to get to know me, as a moment to connect with you - my reader - and offer you a better understanding of what my business goals are for you, for me, and for our differing clients.

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My Story

I could offer you all the details of who I am, where I came from, and how I got here - but the reality and truth is - that’s boring. In short, I’m a woman business owner, a human doing this world no different than the next human, a mom of 9 humans who call me some version of mom (only three I birthed, calm down), I love the color yellow, good wine, good music, good food and I love to travel. I used to be the director of a global non profit for single mothers, in which I founded. I chose to walk away from the really hard things in my life to overcome childhood trauma. I do everything through a trauma informed lens. I am a survivor. 


I believe ALL businesses should be doing the DEI work and I secretly wish I had gone to school for said degree. I’m not the white person who wants to be “invited to the cookout,” as much as I love me some soul food. I’m the white person who walks by and gets a little emotional to see Black/Brown humans enjoying their communities and families. I’m the one staring from the street rooting the party on and not allowing the realities of how we got to a place of celebrating this very small thing to escape me. I am the one whispering, asking others on the street, “Isn’t that just simply beautiful to watch?” I allow it to resonate in my soul. Then I move on to cooking for my kids, where my own door and table are open to those who need warmth, by all definitions. 


I am in love with humanity. All of it. I don’t know you - and I already love you.


Lastly, I openly stand with the LGBTQ community, because I am a part of it and embraced my authentic self later in life - all the while, leaving a life of fundamentalism in the dust.  I have done extensive work with the goal of knowing who I am in this world and I am proud to be who I am - especially after my own birth mother told me I “would never amount to anything”, nor did she ever tell me she was proud of me - truly a result of her own trauma.  I have learned I can offer myself all of those affirmations I missed out on and I do so proudly. 


Upon leaving my old life behind, I chose to go back to school and enter into the mental health sector. My chosen degree was in Human Services. It was something I could do quickly and work with the humanity I so adored. Four years later, I opened my own practice for two years, in Louisville Kentucky, as a Trauma Recovery Life Coach. In 2023, I made a hard decision to shift out of the mental health sector and into the marketing world. 


I needed to create again!


As a parent of many children (teens at home to adults thriving in this world, independently)  I work with two solid rules for my family and household: Be kind. Don’t Lie. My kids (a couple who work WITH me) know all other rules are fluid and dependent on the situation/human. In short, we really don’t have any rules. As a single mother most of their lives, however, I have learned these two basic principles [four basic words] WORK and they have offered me and my children a way through some very challenging moments in communication! 


If you know, you know.


If you’ve made it here, you must be asking what the hell does all of this have to do with Marketing? Outside of the certifications I’m continuously taking to make sure my firm is running efficiently, relevantly and effectively:




There is never a moment I want any of my clients to feel as though they need to be anything more than who they are in this great big world. I want you to be honest in what you want AND what you feel you need to be successful. I want to understand the essence of who you are and what your business represents within our first meeting. This allows me the opportunity to execute your personality or your business’ core values when I work with you. It’s important to your brand. In turn, it’s important to my brand. 


Whether you are Black, Brown, white, conservative or progressive Christian, queer or an ally, trauma Informed or not, only have a GED,  dropped out high school or have a doctorate, go to church every night of the week or visit the temple on a friday night, introverted or extroverted, a dog, cat or fish person or not an animal person at all, hate the color yellow (this one I will struggle with, admittedly), have money you can throw away or you pinch every single penny like I do, exercise and eat like the next health and fitness model or you eat an entire box of twinkies on a friday night – I will work with you. 


I vow to be kind….to be honest…and to be your best kept secret in your branding. 


Why? Because YOUR truth matters.


Love Y'all!

- M

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