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Let's Get Digital!

The Glaeser Group is thrilled to announce our collaboration with Applause International’s aspiring performing artists and fashion models. Together, we're on a mission to empower aspiring artists and fashion models who are embarking on their journey to stardom. We recognize that the first steps in your career are crucial, and having a compelling online presence can make all the difference. 

Here’s what your new website will include:

3 Page Website with Branding:

Receive a visually captivating and fully functional website, encompassing up to 3 pages. We will collaborate with you to infuse a unique branding into every aspect, ensuring a website that resonates with your artistic identity and who you are. (Landing Page, Resume or Portfolio, and a Categorized Photo Gallery)

Inclusive Resume Section:

We'll craft an engaging layout that highlights your professional journey, making it easy for agents and casting directors to grasp your talents at a glance. (Note: Advanced resumes may be additional charge.)

Categorized Photo Gallery:

We will organize and present your photo gallery in a categorized format, allowing visitors to explore your diverse talents and expressions effortlessly. (Headshots, Commercial, Editorial, Etc)

Comprehensive Portfolio Display:

Display your completed works proudly in a dedicated portfolio section. Whether it's acting roles, modeling projects, or other artistic endeavors, we'll create a visually stunning showcase that leaves a lasting impression.

50 QR Code Business Cards:

Make networking a breeze with 50 professionally designed (by us!) business cards. Each card will feature a unique QR code, allowing casting directors and agents to access your website instantly, putting your portfolio and resume at their fingertips. Cards will match the branding of site.

Integrated Social Media Links:

Elevate your online presence by seamlessly integrating your social media profiles into the landing page. We'll connect your website with your Instagram, Facebook, or other relevant platforms, ensuring a cohesive and connected digital identity.

Contact Form and Booking System:

Streamline communication and potential opportunities with a customized contact form on your website. We can also set up a booking system (for a minimal additional charge), making it easy for agents, casting directors, or potential collaborators to get in touch with you or schedule appointments directly through your site.

SEO Optimization for Visibility:

We'll optimize your landing page content and meta tags, increasing the likelihood of your profile being found by industry professionals, casting directors, and enthusiasts searching for talent in your niche.

3 Months of Minimal Maintenance:

Enjoy peace of mind with three months of minimal maintenance. We will ensure your website runs smoothly, addressing any unforeseen issues and making minor updates to keep your online presence polished and professional.

Your Own Unique Domain Name:

Claim your digital identity with a unique domain name (any charges with this, you are responsible for). We'll help you secure a personalized web address that reflects your brand, making it easy for industry professionals and fans to find and remember you online. Or we can integrate one you already have secured!

At The Glaeser Group, we're not just marketing developers; we're your partners in propelling your career and brand to new heights. Let's collaborate, innovate, and create a digital space that resonates with your artistic essence. Your journey to success begins with a stunning online showcase – and we want to be your best kept secret. Let's make it happen together!

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